Warmer rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sitting out looking over the 18th, all you can see are puddles, happy Friday 13th everyone!!.


Thankfully the forecast is that this is the end of the poor weather, possibly 18/19 deg next week. Although please don’t get into the mind set that the course will be 100% by next weekend. Due to the weather we’ve had this month we are behind on numerous jobs. No rough has been cut of yet, fairways have been topped off at a higher cut than usual. We still have a few bunkers to top up, we have not been able to get to them with heavy loads, this has been all down to the weather.

Greens maintenance took place over 1 day, we double scarified, cut, top dressed then pro cored with 9mm tines 100mm deep. This was followed by our new brush o get the sand into the profile. In total we used around 20 Ton of sand. We fed them on the same day, then sat back and watched the rain wash it all in. After the winter and start of the year we have had I am pleased with where the greens currently are. We are alternating between cutting and rolling currently, once we get good growth we will cut everyday with rolling 2/3 times per week. The brush will be used occasionally to stand the grass up prior to cutting.


Dixon’s have completed the main drain leaving the course and lowering the ditch, this will definitely help with the removal of water from the 1st and surrounding holes. Water is now running into the ditch that would have in the past had to go down a 4″ pipe to the right of the 1st.

Our concern with that 4″ pipe is that tree roots have partially blocked it it, restricting the flow of water. Thankfully the directors have invested in a drain jetter to help clear out the pipes. The will be used all over the course to clear and find as much drainage as we can. This will help the course in the future as the weather gets even more unpredicatable.

The bunkers on the 18th are now completed, we are just waiting for the turf to knit into the banks so they have stability. We are hoping of them being in play at the latest next weekend.

Some bunkers will remain GUR this weekend as we haven’t been able to finish them off yet. We have had to extend the drain from the 5th LHS bunker around 40 yards to run into the 6th ditch, the old drain just ended in the rough!!!

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Any concerns or opinions on what we are doing please contact us directly on greens-ashtonlea@hotmail.com.

Thanks, Mark Shuttleworth ,(Deputy Head Greenkeeper)


3 thoughts on “Warmer rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Great update. Having seen you all with mud up to the eyeballs, I can only admire your determination to get things right. Fingers crossed for drying weather and the fairway machines to do their work!

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