Drainage update

Just a brief update as to what we have been up to during this past month.

The planned greens maintenance started with a breakdown to the verti drain, so unfortunately we wasn’t able to complete any deep aeration. This will be done in the next two weeks, weather dependent. Once we’ve been over with the verti drain we will roll to get the smoothness back as quick as possible.

So once we had the breakdown, we decided we would solid tine followed by a top dress. This was brushed in on the Monday afternoon.

Wednesday, we used 12mm hollow tines, to remove as much organic matter (thatch) as we could. This was followed by another heavy top dress. This was brushed in using our own power brush, filling in most holes.

Thursday, we over seeded with 60kg of bents grass seed. Using the best over seeding machine in sportsturf (Vredo), we got a fantastic result. On the worst greens we did a double pass.

The greens were fed the week after. Recovery has been good. As I type, there is a little disease knocking about, which we will spray for once conditions allow. A feed is due on in the next two weeks. This will go on sooner if we feel it would be beneficial.

Going forward this winter we are already into our aeration programme with shallow slitting taking place this week. When ground conditions allow we will aerate if we feel it necessary. A liquid product called Rocastem https://www.terralift.eu/rocastem/ , has been applied. We have used this product before and had fantastic results from it, so we have a plan to apply this every month over winter.

You would have noticed the drainage work on the 2nd, we have installed 400m of primary drainage and over 1200m of secondary drainage. There is two systems therefore two outlets. The system around the 3rd tee runs into the ditch on the 3rd, as you can see in the photo it is already running, opposed to the old system installed that obviously didn’t work.


The other part of the drainage, that runs to the left hand side and in front of the green runs into a main that goes under the 2nd tee and into the ditch at the top of the practice ground. We will be installing a man hole in the rough on the 2nd so that we can jet/ inspect the drain anytime we want.

There has also been major drainage work on the practice ground. The main area has been drained from 50m from the bays until 175m. Done at 5m centers then sand slit at 2m centers. The chipping area has also been drained at 5m centres, followed up with sand slits at 1m centres.

A new main drain 176m long x 160mm wide pipe. This will take all the water from the area, this will take pressure off the system coming from the 1st,2nd and 15th. The water from the practice ground used to have to go down the ditch, not now. We had 20mm on the 20/9, the manhole to the right of the 1st f/way would usually be fully underwater before the work, on inspection the chamber was only half full, and was completely empty 36 hours later.

We have also put some sand slits down on the 6th to help dry that surface out


The are doing them at 1m centres so should take any water into the drains that are already in the area. The hole will be closed 5/10.

Ideally the areas of the course that have been drained/ sand slit would be closed to speed up recovery, unfortunately we can’t. Please could all members do their best not to stand on the trench lines, we are aware this is quite hard but recovery will be hampered whilst people are standing on them.

We are still noticing a unacceptable amount of pitch marks on the greens. If your ball pitches on the green it will nearly always cause an indention that requires repair, especially as we go into the wetter months.

We are also noticing numerous people taking their trolleys between the green and bunkers. Please refrain from doing this as it makes the area bare of grass and compact, making it hard to play off and sometimes unsightly.

Thanks for reading, please follow us on twitter @ashtonleagreens, this will give you daily reports on the state of the course and updates of what we are doing.

We also have a facebook page, search for Ashton and Lea greens. Please like the page and ask your golfing friends to like the page, make them aware of the good things we are doing and producing.

Any concerns or opinions on what we are doing please contact us directly on greens-ashtonlea@hotmail.com.

Thanks, Mark Shuttleworth ,(Deputy Head Greenkeeper)

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