September work

Just to give you an early warning of the work we annually carry out during the 1st week of september. The planned work will commence on Monday 2nd and hopefully be completed by the 5th, we have kept Friday the 6th just in case we need it. Although we will be feeding this day if the weather allows. The plan is, Monday 2nd. The air2g2 machine will be used on the greens
We have used this machine before, it is the best way for some deep aeration with little disruption to the surface. Tuesday 3rd, this day will be a scarify down approximately 10mm to remove organic matter in that area. This will be followed up by a top dress and then power brush. Wednesday 4th, will be the day we hollow core the greens. We will only be going down 25mm. This will be again followed by top dressing and the power brush. Thursday 5th, 50kg of bent seed will be put into the greens, this will be followed by a light dressing and then drag matted in. After the work on tues/ weds/ thurs the water will be put on at night to get some of the dressing into the surface. Friday will be left as a reserve day just incase we need it. It will also be feeding day. It would be extremely helpful for the greens staff if the course was quieter this week. Although temporary greens will be inplay when needed during the week for those wanting to play. Give way to greens staff at all times during the week please, it’s a very stressful week of the year for us. Back to the current. We are extremely happy with the way the greens and the rest of the course is playing. I feel that every product we have put on the greens this year we have had real value for money out of, this has not always been the case in previous seasons. We had a question as to why the greens can’t be like they were for President’s day all the time. The simple answer is staff levels and staff hours. As a staff we all usually put in an extra 5/6 hours per man during the week before a major, with the course also being shut on a Friday/ Sat afternoon from 5pm. All this time allow us to roll extra, cut areas again etc. For example we roll on a Thursday, Friday, Friday night then again Saturday morning before Presidents. We have made a portable divot tree that we are going to move around the course. There are the usual fairways on the course that suffer with divots, 8th 9th, but usually when people are around that area people have used all the divot mix in the bags. If we sited a divot tree permanently it would no doubt get vandalised, so we think a portable tree is the best option. Please use it and RETURN the divot bags!!!! Please continue to repair pitch marks, keep trolleys away from greens and in between bunkers. Also when raking bunkers push the sand back towards the middle of the bunker, don’t drag it to the edge. Please don’t practice on the course, the club policy is one ball in play at anytime.

One thought on “September work”

  1. Would also be good if members could re-fill their empty bag when returning it to the Divot Bag tree on the first tee, which would also help prevent the bags from blowing away in any strong winds.


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