Feels like November

Just going to do a quick blog about what we have planned for maintenance week starting the 2nd September.

But firstly i’d just like to moan about the weather (again). Anyone who has played recently will have seen that the some of the wetter greens are looking a little tired, the reason for this is down to the fact that we went 19 days solid without a dry day!!!!!!! from the 4th-19th it rained everyday. On top of that we was coming out of a wet end to July which had seen rain in 10 out of 11 days. Thankfully it has become a bit more normal this past week.

To help the greens that are struggling slightly we have put a little granular feed on prior to the work taking place to give them a perk up.

Work will start on Monday. The air2g2 machine will be used to provide some deep aeration. Temps will be in use when the operator is on that specific greens. It’s a non disruptive procedure so greens will be back in play straight away.

Tuesday we are scarifying the greens down about 10mm. This will be followed by a light topdressing then power brushed in. This will be time consuming, temps will be in play a lot during the day.

Wednesday is hollow tining, this will target the top 25mm of the green. This will be followed by a heavier dressing and power brush in. There will be a lot of disruption during the day with temps in play most of the day.

Thursday will be overseeding. 60kg of seed will be put into the greens, a light top dressing will be applied if needed.

During the week give way to greens staff at all times, it is a stressful time for us when we need everything to work and go right for the plan we have. We won’t be waiting for anyone to be taking a shot, we need to get on with what we are doing.

To finish off, the amount of pitch marks we are seeing recently is an absolute disgrace. We know the greens are softer than usual for the reason stated above. Every shot that comes into the green from 40 yards plus will make a indentation. REPAIR THESE MARKS, THESE ARE YOUR GREENS.

Thanks for reading, please follow us on twitter @ashtonleagreens, this will give you daily reports on the state of the course and updates of what we are doing.

We now also have a page for the driving range, follow @DrivingLea

We also have a facebook page, search for Ashton and Lea greens. Please like the page and ask your golfing friends to like the page, make them aware of the good things we are doing and producing.

Any concerns or opinions on what we are doing please contact us directly on greens-ashtonlea@hotmail.com.

Thanks, Mark Shuttleworth ,(Deputy Head Greenkeeper)

One thought on “Feels like November”

  1. Pitch marks are being left it is a disgrace. I repaired 5,all fresh on 17th this morning. Only members in front of us . You know who you are, be ashamed.


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